Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Become a Member of SPOHNC

Right now, you’re probably thinking...“I am a member of SPOHNC! I receive the April and October newsletters. Or you might assume you’re a member because you attend a SPOHNC Chapter support group.”

If you have ever called us, e-mailed us or have ever been touched by SPOHNC in any way, our complimentary two issues is our way of providing you with additional information to learn more about oral, head and neck cancer and the programs and resources SPOHNC offers.

SPOHNC members, who pay $30 per year, are already receiving the benefits listed here. If you haven’t paid your membership fee, please consider doing so, and gain the “MEMBERS ONLY” benefits offered just for you. If you’re not already a member, you’re missing out on some great resources that have been designed with care, to help you. SPOHNC wants to provide you with all that you need. We are here to support you!

SPOHNC’s Product Directory is here! Full of product suggestions and how they can help you, the book also tells you where to find them. This book is a must for anyone who is seeking relief.
“News from SPOHNC” – Feature articles written by distinguished healthcare professionals, sharing stories written by survivors, current head and neck cancer news, survivor and chapter human interest stories and more. Receive 8 issues per year.

Access to SPOHNC’s nearly 100 Chapter Support groups.

Access to SPOHNC’s National Survivor Volunteer Network of more than 225 survivor and caregiver volunteers, ready and willing to serve as a mentor to a newly diagnosed patient or caregiver.

Opportunity to connect with patients and survivors. Contact SPOHNC to find out how.

Insider information about special programs and resources. You will be the first to know.

Access to additional resources through direct contact with SPOHNC’s Outreach Staff.