Cancer Information

Cancer Information

Clinical Trials

SPOHNC is continuously working to provide oral and head and neck cancer patients with news on available clinical trials. SPOHNC gratefully appreciates the support of our corporate partners.

Clinical Trials – This information is intended to help clarify the purpose and process of these important studies. This includes information on the different types of clinical trials, what happens in them, the clinical trial process, information on clinical trial phases and more. The clinical trial information which appears on this website has been selected from materials published by the National Cancer Institute. Click here for more information on Clinical Trials

  • AI-Powered Trial Matching

    Massive Bio’s AI-engineered matching tool makes finding the right trial for you free, quick, and easy. Their clinical research team will find the best available trials near your home and discuss with you the pros and cons of each option.

  • Tailored Cancer Trial Guidance

    SPOHNC is working with Carebox to offer you a way to identify relevant options and take action. This is a free, confidential, and unbiased service that helps you understand which head and neck cancer clinical trials may be an option for you.

  • Your Source for Trial Details

    CenterWatch offers oral and head and neck cancer clinical trial information. This is the place to go for specific trial information and trial locations!

  • Official NIH Trial Directory

    100 oral and head and neck cancer clinical trials are listed in this database. These include trials that are recruiting, not yet recruiting (new), and closed trials. This information is published in partnership with the National Institute of Health (NIH).

  • Explore Trials Aligned with Your Eligibility

    Clinical trials search on the Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups website. This search tool can help you find a clinical trial that you qualify for!

  • Radiation Focused Clinical Trials

    The goal of the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) is to improve the survival outcome and quality of life of adults with cancer through the conduct of high-quality clinical trials that involve radiation therapy alone or in conjunction with surgery and/or chemotherapeutic drugs.

Keeping You Informed

Keeping You Informed