“Three years ago I contacted the AR chapter before I started treatment and Jack the facilitator told me he was a 13 year survivor.  Bingo!  Light at the end of the tunnel!  I had to find out more.”

- Steve M.

“Learn from others on how to deal with side effects of radiation that can arise. Find out how others cope with the treatments, handling eating and weight loss issues and products to ease discomfort.”

- Phil C.

“Spouses and caregivers love the support group. It helps to know you are NOT alone. You will bond with others who have survived and what joy that is!  Caregivers need this fellowship and rejuvenation.”

- Janis S.


“The support group has made me aware of my ability to survive cancer for the long term and enjoy a wonderful quality of life!  Sharing information with people has been very beneficial to my wife and me.”

- Jeff S.

At her first meeting Lu said; “I’m finally glad to find some people that have problems just like me.”

- Lu E.

"I wish that I had attended a support group the first time I heard the word cancer, because I have found that we share solutions as well as our problems."

- Ronnie T.

“When I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer there was no support group in Arkansas. SPOHNC started in September of 2006; and this group showed me other’s had survived, moved forward, had productive, happy lives.  And So Could I!  Support is a good thing!”

- Pat L.

“I am a two time cancer survivor and new to Arkansas. After attending a meeting I felt a real sense of belonging. Finally a group who knew EXACTLY what I had been going through and still allows me to always learn something new.”

- Merry B.

“We, Survivors of oral, head and neck Cancer, would like to invite you to join us at our next monthly support meeting.”

- Linda C.

"Our informative meetings enable oral, head and neck cancer patients to overcome their initial feelings of helplessness and adopt a proactive attitude of survivorship." 

- Jack and Temple I.

“Sincere thanks to my entire extended family. In a fast-moving time, which doesn’t allow many extra moments for even our own families, you folks manage to share your lives and families with us. You listen, laugh, and cry to help us deal with our day-to-day struggles and healing.”

- Patrick D.

I believe that we can make the most of our journeys in helping others along the way. You really can’t know how someone feels unless you have been there. For me, the meaning of life is discovered through helping others.”

- K.C.

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