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SPOHNC has been providing support for oral and head and neck cancer patients, and their families, for over 20 years.  During this time, much has happened within the organization that is noteworthy. The information provided on this page serves as an archive for significant milestones in the history of SPOHNC.  

20TH Anniversary

celebrating 20 years
SPOHNC’s 20th Anniversary Conference & Celebration of Life was an inspiring, educational and amazing way to spend the weekend. More ...





August, 2006: SPOHNC Celebrates 15 Years!

Over the weekend of August 19-20, SPOHNC celebrated its 15th anniversary.  This well attended event was possibly the largest gathering of oral and head and neck cancer patients, caregivers and families, ever! 

The speakers were superb, providing insight into many concerns of OHN patients and survivors.  The meals were tailored to the unique needs of oral and head and neck cancer patients.  And the feeling of knowing and understanding what it means to be a oral and head and neck cancer survivor was shared among many who have truly walked in the same shoes.  It was an amazing event, and SPOHNC hope to provide highlights of the conference and celebration of life.  SPOHNC thanks those who were able to attend this celebration.  It was our privilege to have you!  SPOHNC also thanks the sponsors of this truly unique and informative event:

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology
  • ImClone Systems
  • MedImmune Oncology
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Amgen
  • AstraZeneca
  • Introgen Therapeutics
  • Laclede, Inc.

Aesculapius Award of Excellence

In December, 2003, the SPOHNC web site was awarded its second consecutive Aesculapius Award of Excellence  for WWW sites, by the Health Improvement Institute.  Each year awards are given to "producers of health-related radio and television PSAs (public service announcements) and World Wide Web sites that the Health Improvement Institute judges consider excellent in communicating health information to the public." SPOHNC was also the recipient of this prestigious award in 2002.  

AHNS Presidential Citation

Nancy Leupold, survivor, president and founder of SPOHNC, was presented with the American Head and Neck Society's prestigious Presidential Citation on May 11, 2002.  This award is granted once a year to selected individuals in recognition of outstanding accomplishment toward improving the lives of those affected by oral and head and neck cancer.  Nancy's dedication to SPOHNC, the development of support chapters nation wide and the oral and head and neck cancer awareness ribbon campaign, is indeed meritorious.

Oral and Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Ribbon

In June, 2001, the official oral and head and neck cancer awareness ribbon was introduced to the public.  Like breast cancer and aids awareness ribbons, the oral and head and neck cancer awareness ribbon is offered as a means of showing support, and spreading awareness, for oral and head and neck cancer.  The ribbons are also available as pins here on the SPOHNC web site.

SPOHNC 10 Year Anniversary

When SPOHNC "turned 10," a gala event was held with dignitaries and medical professionals.  Many survivors of oral and head and neck cancer were present.  Join us for the details here.  NOTE:  The oral and head and neck cancer awareness ribbon was introduced at this event, and is part of this slide show presentation.


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