Eat Well, Stay Nourished, Volume 2

cookbookIn 2005, SPOHNC began to collect “tried and true” recipes from survivors, family members and friends of SPOHNC, and Eat Well – Stay Nourished was published. The book, full of recipes for everything from appetizers to main dishes to desserts and more, was a way to help patients and survivors with eating and swallowing challenges, to find the right foods to help them through their recovery and beyond.
Many people have purchased the cookbook and have found it to be very helpful when trying to regain or maintain weight following treatment for oral, head and neck cancer.

In recognition of our 20th Anniversary, SPOHNC is now preparing for the Springtime publication of Eat Well – Stay Nourished, Volume Two. This book will feature new versions of “tried and true” recipes, and promises to be even more successful than the last edition. We need your help to make the second edition a success! If you have favorite dishes that have helped you along in your recovery from treatment and you are willing to share them, please complete the form as described in the insert so that we may include them in the upcoming new edition. Please submit your recipes by no later than January 1st. Thank you for your help – and for sharing your culinary delights with SPOHNC members, patient callers and others who will purchase the new cookbook to add to their collection.

Submit your recipes for our new cookbook by clicking on the link to our recipe form. You can send them via email to or mail them to SPOHNC, P.O. Box 53, Locust Valley, NY 11560. Thank you for your support!

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